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Foreign Sales Representative:

1. Familiarizing yourself withthe import and exportbusiness processes, being familiar with theimport and export documentsandreceipts.
2.With independent developmentcapabilities, strong communicationandcoordination skills.
3.motivated, active, passion, responsible;earnestwork,attention to detail,teamworkspirit.

1. Internationaltradeor e-commerce-relatedmajors, college education
2.CETand higher levels,strongEnglishreading and writing skills,fluent oral English
3.Proficient Alibabanetwork platform andbackground maintenance, related experiencepreferred.
4. Being familiar withPSandgraphics software preferred
5. With experience inthe e-business preferred

Salaries and benefits
1.comprehensive socialinsurance(pension, medical, work injury,unemployment, maternity);
3. To providea broadspace forpersonal and professional development;
4. To providea wide range oftrainingopportunitiesandforeign exhibitions(for employees with more than one year ).